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Prof. Tomas Tomov, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Tomas Tomov graduated from Higher Medical Institute - Sofia, specialty Psychiatry.
Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry, Medical Academy, Sofia     
Doctor of Science: Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery, Sofia,
Family and Group Therapy: Training Seminars and Supervision: Dr. G. Vassiliou, Director of the Antropos Institute, Athens, GreeceПсиходрама:
Visiting Educational Program, Sofia - Gabriela Wisman-Brun; Psychodrama Bern, Switzerland
Major professional teaching and academic positions:
1971-1975 Junior Assistant in Psychiatry: First Psychiatric Clinic, Sofia
1975-1981 Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry: Medical Academy, Sofia                                             
1981-1984 Consultant, WHO, Tanzania's Program for Psyche Health: Morogoro-Dar es Salaam1984-2000 Director, Department of Social Psychiatry: Department of Psychiatry, MA-Sofia  
1984-1991 Coordinator, Center for Cooperation with WHO Sofia
1985-1990 Scientific Secretary, Bulgarian Neuroscience and Behavior Program         
1986- Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry: Medical Academy, Sofia
1991- Co-Director, Bulgarian Institute for Human Relations: New Bulgarian University, Sofia         
1995- Director, Department of Psychiatry, Medical University, Sofia
1998- Coordinator, National Program for Mental Health: Reform, Ministry of Health, Sofia           

1971-1990 Bulgarian Psychiatric Society
1975-1990 Bulgarian Psychotherapy Section1987-1991 Българско Общество по Невронауки
1990- Member of the Executive Board
1991-Bulgarian Society of Psychodrama
1992-Bulgarian Psychiatric Association
1993-Founder member
Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Group, Founding Member
Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling,
Founder Member Bulgarian Society for Mental Health
1994 Founding Member, Bulgarian Association of Social Workers
1995-Founder Member, Women's Initiative in Psychiatry
1995-Member of the Board of Trustees United Dutch Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe
1997-Member of the Supervisory Board for Bulgaria Association of Reformers in Psychiatry,Geneva, Switzerland
1998-President Royal College of Psychiatry, London, UK